The Flamboyant Table: Rijsttafel Revisited A food performance with Indonesian Artist Elia Nurvista and writer Michael C. Vazquez

Performed on Tuesday, 18 February 2014 at the Delfina Foundation, London

We presented a postcolonial take on the Rijsttafel — a sprawling banquet table featuring dozens of dishes that collectively performed the bounty of Dutch rule in Indonesia.

Part of Delfina's The Politics of Food, an ongoing programme featuring exhibitions, residencies and special events

Photos courtesy of the Delfina Foundation
Sambal, the hot stuf!
Guest of honour Sri Owen,
Indonesian cooking legend
The long table awaiting the Rijsttafel
Kicking it off with Michael and Elia
Finally, food
Aaron Cezar + colleague serving Delfina Entrecanales and Sri Owen
Rice, rice, rice
Chicken and rice, a staple
A peek in the kitchen, what are we supposed to serve now?
Sri Owen with yellow rice in her honour
Dishing it out
Elia doing her thing
Everything with rice
More context, with Michael
Veggie curry, aubergine!
Delfina and Sri
Even the dessert comes with rice: Pisang Goreng, with cheese!